I am William Tillman, a private inventor & sole inventor of this concept.

I have operated a test model in my home & proven all aspects of the idea.

I’m now unable to find a company willing to produce this product.  Corporate America seems not to be tuned in to the idea of change.

This website is my way of asking for your thoughts on this idea, pro & con.  Your answers are important to me.  I must know if people are willing to use this in their own homes.

First you must find a copy of the patent in order to study the toilet & how it works.  An easy way to do this is to use your favorite search engine to look for: W Tillman U S patent # 8001625, or go to the patent office website [www.uspto.gov] & find it there thru the search system.

Some facts that led me to patent this concept are as follows:

Statistics show that the toilet is this greatest use of water in the average American home.  This design will save more water than any toilet currently on the market.


Mock up of concept

In order to explain what changes this device would entail on your part, there would be virtually none except that you would not flush it when only urinating.  The maintenance of the urine passage is done automatically when flushing solid waste.  
To test the low water use claim have I made keep a record of the total number of flushes for at least 48hrs.  Mark you flush chart for each use.  X for solid waste flush O your urinating only.  At the end of your test,  multiple the number of X’s by 6 & divide that number by the total number of X’s & O’s combined.  You will then have the average liters
consumed for each use.

If, after examining this patented concept you feel that you would be able to comment on it & or the thoughts you would have about using one in your own home.  You need to understand that the urinal vessel passage is slightly curved below the vessel outlet, so that no urine is visible as well as having no detectable odor & when the female gender uses it the tissue used, sink out of sight below the urinal vessel.

The media has referred to clean water as the next gold.  You water bills are going to continue going up for the foreseeable future.

Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts – email – wtillman@att.net

Thank you,

Wm R Tillman





Welcome to the most water conserving toilet
Ever designed It’s U. S. Patent #8001625.  Europe has similar design approve, google nomix toilet.
It will average around 2 liters per USE, even if it has
per flush rating of 6 liters.  Use your favorite search
Engine & examine it & imagine it in your home!